Front End Developer & Graphic Designer


A passionate Front-End Web Developer and Graphic Designer who loves to learn and experience and self-motivated. I have done many self-initiated projects by myself, and some other real clients and school projects.

Comfortable with WordPress, HTML, CSS, Jquery, and Adobe Suites programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro).

Born in Seoul, South Korea came to Canada June 2014. While I was in Korea, I was interested in Information Technology and design, and I think that’s why I am studying and so passionate about. I first learned C language when I was Grade 10 in Korea, and I was shocked that I printed “Hello World” on the screen. Also, Adobe programs were quite interesting too, because they create something that people can actually see. So I decided to walk on this career path and I really want to learn more and wait for a moment when I am able to run on this path.

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Have done many self initiated, and school projects.

Be able to brainstorm so that design can be developed.

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